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About Chelsea Chiropractic & Wellness

Located in the Chelsea Village in Nedlands, Chelsea Chiropractic & Wellness opened up in a renovation of the old Chelsea Tavern back in 1997. So we have now served the local Nedlands community for over 20 years pursuing our mission of “enhancing health and life in a caring and educational environment of excellence that is fruitful for all.”

We feel it is a privilege to share in the journey of life with our clients, as we serve them in enhancing health through chiropractic care and lifestyle education and advice. The ripple effect of increased vitality and energy, of course, spreads to those loved ones around them and thus effects productive service and relationship quality or, really, the quality of life itself. Wow, what an honour to be entrusted with!

About Chelsea Chiropractic & Wellness | 08 9389 6060

We have been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Nedlands community since 1990.