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Dr Robert Leigh (Chiropractor)


In Pursuit of A Chiropractic Career!

It was at a year 10 careers day at my school that a chiropractic representative really grabbed my attention and I chose year 11 subjects accordingly, with a view to studying the required science subjects firstly at school and then at university to enable the pursuit of a chiropractic career.

So from Pittwater High School in Sydney’s Northern Beaches I went to Sydney University and completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in anatomy and physiology, and then attended Macquarie University gaining a Masters of Chiropractic Science in 1991. To survive financially through uni I worked in two chiropractic clinics massaging each patient before their chiropractor adjusted them. It was a great hands-on experience for me and laid the foundation for my current approach to practice of chiropractic involving deep soft tissue releases before adjustments. One of the chiropractors had a practice in Collaroy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and he went to the beach across the road each morning and practiced from 2 till 6 pm each day. The life balance available in the chiropractic profession was also attractive to me!

I then practiced in Sydney from 1991 until 1995 when I moved to Perth to help out in a church group. I have since practiced in the Chelsea Centre until the present day, enjoying my practice very much in the West and now considering myself a West Australian for life.

Education can equal healthier life choices

I strive to educate people regarding healthier life choices as knowledge really does empower us to make the choices necessary for greater health and wellbeing. We are not programmed for daily tiredness, fatigue, anxiety, anger, irritability, aching joints,depression, diabetes and then early death. Healthier choices can improve our lives, no matter where we are at.
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It brings me great joy to see peoples lives change for the better. Knowing, for example, that Brent, a father of 2 young kids in his early 40s, now doesn’t take 5 -6 Panadols each day for his headaches and neck pain. In fact, he has none! Yes he feels more alive personally but just consider how his interactions with his work mates and his productivity have changed, let alone with his children and wife after work.

In 1999 I married the love of my life Sharon and we currently live in Scarborough with our three boys Jadon(17), Connor(16) and Daniel(12) and enjoy the coastal lifestyle very much. Perth’s weather and the numerous great outdoor facilities and parks make it, in our opinion, the perfect place for raising a family. Having started golf at about the age of 12 and playing on and off for years, I now play once weekly on a variety of courses throughout Perth and its’ immediate surrounds. For me, not only is it a challenge, but it is also a form of escape and replenishment for the mind and the body. Walking the dew-covered fairways as the golden sun rays reflect off the trees in the early morning is simply good for the soul.

We make it a priority for our whole family to have their spines checked every 2 to 3 weeks. Just like dental hygiene is a normal part of life , so is spinal hygiene as we only get one spine!

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