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Dr Robert Leigh (Chiropractor)


In Pursuit of A Chiropractic Career!

Having been fascinated about the wonders of the human body from an early age with my father working as a nutritionist, and seeing him regularly adjusted by chiropractors, it followed that at my year 10 careers day I made the decision to embark on a chiropractic career.

After completing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in anatomy and physiology, at Sydney University, I gained a Masters of Chiropractic Science from Macquarie University. Whilst at University, I worked in chiropractic clinics massaging patients before their chiropractor adjusted them. It was a great hands-on experience and laid the foundation for my current approach to my practice of chiropractic involving deep soft tissue releases before adjustments.

The Privilege of Supporting My Clients

In 1995 I moved to Perth, and have now practiced at Chelsea Chiropractic and Wellness for 22 years. During this time it has been my privilege to share in the life journeys of many of my clients and now be at the stage where I am adjusting 3 to 4 generations of families, seeing newborns through to 97 year old clients who still have a spring in their step and enjoy life.

We Reap What We Sow – Our Bodies are Designed to Thrive

I annually attend the Natural Medicine Congress to keep abreast of the latest research to educate my clients to lead heathier lifestyles. We are not programmed for daily tiredness, fatigue, anxiety, anger, irritability, aching joints, depression and diabetes. We are innately programmed for energy and vitality being able to enjoy the activities, blessings and challenges of our lives.

As part of our resources at Chelsea Chiropractic and Wellness, we stock a premium range of supplements with evidence based nutrients that can play an integral part of restoring and maintaining health.

Life Balance Important in Hectic Lives

In 1999 I married the love of my life and we now have three wonderful boys. Perth’s weather, outdoor facilities, parks, beach and coastal lifestyle make it, in our opinion, the perfect place for raising a family.
Having started golf at the age of 12, I now play once weekly at The Vines and not only is it a challenge, but a form of escape and replenishment for the mind and the body. Walking the dew-covered fairways as the golden sun rays reflect off the trees in the early morning is simply good for the soul. I encourage all my clients to consider rest and relaxation as part of the rhythm of their lives.

Solution for Stress and Anxiety

Day to day, in our fast paced high tech lives, not only has our productivity increased but the stresses we are exposed to have multiplied exponentially. Chiropractic adjustments help our bodies to cope with these stresses by helping to enhance the function of our nervous system and help take us to the rest and repair mode our bodies need.

Dr Robert Leigh (Chiropractor) | Chelsea Chiropractic & Wellness
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